Center Hosts Seminar on New Pathogen Detection Technology

(From Spring 2011 edition of Center for Food Safety Newsletter)


Fred Mitchell of Beacon Food Safety discusses the BrightSPOT technology during a seminar at the UA campus.


Conferring after the seminar are (from left) Steve Stroud, Beacon Food Safety president; Fred Mitchell, Beacon executive vice president; Bill Locatis, Beacon CEO and chairman; John Marcy, UA Extension food scientist; and Steven Ricke, director of the UA Center for Food Safety.


Representatives of Beacon Food Safety of Greenwood Village, Colo., visited the UA Center for Food safety on May 4 to explain the workings of its BrightSPOT technology. Fred Mitchell, Beacon executive vice president, showed the cartridge developed by the company – about the size of a USB thumb drive – containing a chip that can analyze 112 different pathogens or conditions. Thanks to the highly sensitive luminescent protein Gaussia lucifrase, light is generated when a pathogen biomarker is detected. The results become available when the device is plugged into a computer.
About 20 people from the UA and local industry gathered at the Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center to hear the presentation and meet with Beacon executives. More information about the BrightSPOT technology is available from the company at